Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things Missed in the Last Months

For some reason, time has been jumping through my hands--I go to work and suddenly it is lunch time and I blink and the day is over!  It probably has to do with the start of school, work being busier, moving, and a variety of other things that cropped up over the course of time.  I missed quite a few things I was looking forward to blogging about.  And since there are many...I am just going to condense the important ones here, in an attempt to get everyone caught up so that there is no backlog.  Here is what you missed:

1.  I turned 26!
Dressed up for my birthday day.

And for my birthday night!
At work my coworkers brought me a card and a cake :D  Thomas and I went out for dinner at a local sushi/Malaysian fusion place.  That evening I went out with a few friends and stayed out WAY too late.

2.  I started doing INSANITY!
I am NOT a morning person.

 So yeah, these are my starting pictures...I might not look "fat", but I am unhappy with my current weight and BMI.  I loved getting up and doing the workouts, they are intense, but they really made me feel good and focused all day.  The first few days are killer (achy, tired, etc) but your body adapts quickly.  In week two I pulled something in my back and could not do the routines until I was healed.  Unfortunately, that week was move-out/move-in week and I have not gotten back to it since I do not have enough space cleared yet.  I plan to have the space cleared after next weekend and will be back at it with a vengeance!

3.  We got new floors installed and started moving out of our apartment and into our house!

We rented a UHaul van, everything else was booked, and took all of the pieces that were too large to be hauled in my Civic...which meant a lot of furniture.  We had a friend help, since I had hurt my back.  The following pictures are what our house looked like after moving only the big stuff and a few miscellaneous things.
Bedroom does not look *too* bad here...
The left half of the office...
...and the right half.

The...hallway pile of furniture in front of the office.
Kitchen...notice the amount of stuff just piled on the counter?

And the living room...

Since these were taken, these rooms have been bombarded with even more things and put in some order.  It definitely is not perfect yet, but it is much more livable :D  Pretty soon it will be put together and we will not have to do this for at least another 5 years.

4.  We "celebrated" our 1st anniversary!

During the move-in week, Thomas and I took a night to snuggle up (I cannot remember if this was after we moved our bed or if we were on the sleeping bag we used the first few nights), watch shows, and unwrap the frozen top layer of our wedding cake and cut a slice to eat.

It was a tad smooshed, but still quite pretty and tasty.
5.  School started back up.

Thomas was back to taking classes and all my grads/undergrads were back from the summer field work, internships, and general vacation...meaning I had to start supervising more than I have been.  Not to mention two of my projects started giving really awesome results :D  Yay!

6.  Thomas turned 25!

Thomas' sister planned, and I helped, a celebration of "25 years of Memories" from friends (old and new) and family.  Everyone was supposed to write a memory they had of Thomas to be packaged up for his birthday.  He was surprised and really liked it.  We also went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate.

I think this may cover all of the *big* things that happened...sorry I was so behind.  I will try not to do it again!

What About You?  What sorts of things make your life crazy lately?  What things do you tend to push to the side when you feel swamped/exhausted?


  1. The floors look like they turned out nicely! Maybe I can visit sometime after thesis. Or next year. Sheesh, where is my life going?

    Definitely still loving the paint colors and the accent wall choices. Gonna have to do that when I get my own place (who knows when).

    Aren't you glad we rescued that top layer for you? By we, I am pretty sure I mean Phil. Or somebody. Anyway, you two were so excited to make your getaway, it was left behind! haha

    I've been starting up exercise, too. I did something to my knee with the aerobics dvd I was using. I think I was doing the squats wrong. I'm just doing the stepping machine in the gym at work -- doesn't hurt my knee, for some reason. Need to get my cardio up to par. After I graduate, I'd like to do organized sports. One of my friends plays in a volleyball club, and I know there's all sorts of sports leagues near all the big cities.

  2. The floors are pretty awesome, next big project is baseboards so they'll look even better. You should definitely visit again, we want to try to come see you too!

    I'm still digging the paint (thank God)...only thing I regret is not sanding the strip in the living room before we painted it...and not even that so much :D

    I know the caterers were supposed to save the top of the cake and I assigned it to someone on my list of duties for the day (darned if I remember who it was now).

    Aerobics can be really hard on your leg joints...I found that out the hard way. But I really like aerobics and water aerobics. I can't wait to restart Insanity and just overall get more active again.

    1. Oooh baseboards!

      I think the caterers saved it by "boxing it" but nobody seemed to know what to do with it afterward. Or someone forgot. Anyway, someone got it, so no harm.