Monday, June 11, 2012

The Inside (Before)

So as the post before this noted: we bought a house.  This also comes with the caveat that...this house needed a lot of help on the inside (note: I get to learn handy household skills!)

So naturally we did what every person who buys a house does before they buy a house:  make a set plan of how to attack all the things that need to be addressed about their house and what order to do it in...which immediately was thrown to the wind the day we bought our house (at least for a day) when I thought up this epic first night scenario.

Master Bedroom
Our snuggle nest in the Master bedroom
The day we bought our house we were supposed to do work on it...instead we made a blanket nest in the master bedroom, bought sushi, did laundry, and snuggled while watching a few episodes of Game of Thrones in our new house :D  (new skills acquired: how to run our washer/dryer).  The Master bedroom connects to the hallways and the bathroom (via our closet) and has lots of natural light.

After that free night our next night involved removing all of the items from the walls (screws, hooks, tacks, nails, and the things you put on screws to give them more support...the ones that expand once you have put them in your walls and make huge holes coming out...).  The lady who lived here must have had a million things on her walls...we had a handy pile of odds and ends that came out of the walls that literally would overflow both of my hands cupped together (crazy!).  Also, there were spots that looked like she had taken a board with a nail and hammered it in several times close to the same spot...cannot figure that one out.  She also put those screw supports in EVERYTHING...good thing I learned how to spackle like a boss :D  Also, took the face plates off all of the electrical sockets and switches (we have NO shortage of them).

Master Closet
Our master closet connects the bathroom and the master bedroom.  It had a janky wire shelving system we removed, and all the screws that held it in had those screw supports...(new skills acquired: removing shelving, spackling).
I don't know if you can see all the holes here, but this closet had about 100 holes...oh dear God, the spackling O.o
Laundry Room
Our laundry room has an entrance to the house from the autoport, which is nice in case it is raining.  Our house came with an energy efficienct washer/dryer set (lucked out here!) and a big old hole in the wall from the door handle (new skills: patching and spackling large holes, and installing doorstops).

And...since I do not think I have mentioned this yet...the lady who lived her was a cat lady...some of her light sockets had face plates with cat stickers.  This is the window in our laundry room, which has paw prints coming up the wall from the door to the outside, across the windowsill, and down the other side...and this is all in textured paint!  (new skills acquired: sanding crazy cat lady textured paint off the walls..., learning never to paint with textured paint...because if you do not remove it whoever buys your house will want to murder you)

The paw prints stop in the middle like the cat is looking out the window. 
The kitchen is connected to the laundry room, the hallway, and the living room.  The kitchen is actually pretty nice and the red-checked curtains inspired me to pick a pale yellow color for the paint in here :D  I think all we are planning on really doing in here is painting and reflooring--there are some burns in the linoleum...and I am not really a fan of the pattern but my husband likes it.  (new skills acquired: using pieces in a room to inspire the rest of the room, liking yellow).

The lady who lived here before was handicapped, so I can reach everything!
The bathroom is connected to our closet and the hallway.  The tub is super-nice with black and white tile which will match my bathroom aesthetic (black and white, with pops of color).  See those funny blobby shapes between the baby blue and light pink wall paint...that is a lining of cats...with paw textured maroon paint...SERIOUSLY?!  If you can see the holes in the wall and floor by the toilet, there were metal handicapped bars installed, like the one by the tub.  We removed them (including the one still present in the picture) to give more space to the room.  We also plan on reflooring in here and possibly replacing the toilet.  (new skills acquired:  patching massive holes, removing handicapped equipment--Thomas did most of that though--, and that sanding is now a dirty word.)

So yeah, crazy cat lady with textured paint strikes again...this lined both sides of the hallway...
(new skills acquired: not crying, removing sanded particles from everything in the vicinity)

The Office/Guest Bedroom
The office is at the opposite end of the hallway from the master bedroom and really just needs a coat of paint--the stuff that was in here was...very light orange...not sure what to call it other than that.  Also, it needs new carpet (as does the rest of the carpeted area, this lady was a smoker and a cat owner...this carpet has seen much better days).  (New skills acquired:  laying painter's tape)

Living Room
This is the front entrance to our house and connects to the kitchen.  It has a lot of windows and needs new flooring.  Also, see that foot wide strip at the top of the wall?  It is textured paint...we just said meh and painted over it...we might power sand it and paint it again, I think neither of us is super happy with it at the moment, but I think we will see how the stencils we made look on the textured paint before we do anything. (new skills acquired: picking/making stencils).

Okay, so while this lady was a crazy cat lady...I love cats and am so pleased and tickled that they left this cat coat hook.  It was the most adorable thing.  :D

This is our before we did much to the house set of pictures, all the new skills I put up were learned during the progress of the work, which I will post more about.

What About You?  What do you think about textured paint?  Do you think the cat things were cute or overkill?  Do you have any weird things about your house that if someone bought it they would think were weird?


  1. Textured paint and popcorn ceilings are the worst! Looks like you have a bunch of projects that will result in a home that is very much your own!

    I would say the cat stuff was completely over done, but when you're an old lady you should be granted some eccentricities! :)

    Odd things about my old house? The walls were all mustard yellow - thanks to my mom and sister!

  2. I now have stabby-stabby urges honed toward anyone who uses textured paint. That stuff is a WITCH to sand off.

    Obviously, I thought the cat stuff was WAY overkill. And I think that goes double if YOU thought it was overkill, since you're the most cat-happy person I know. However I do think that coat thing is the most adorbs thing evar.

    I think the house I'm living in now is relatively normal. The pale mint green color palette is a bit unusual, but I like it on most days. (Although I wish my basement bedroom was a warmer, more welcoming color than cool mint.) And I love the hardwood floors. (Again, wish they were in my room, instead of the awful carpeting someone put in there. I am officially not a fan of carpeting.)