Sunday, June 10, 2012

We Bought a House!

So, first off--I am back!  I intend to try to post somewhat regularly now that I have a working computer and am not on vacation/dealing with having just bought a house.

So recap: we bought a house!  It is a two bedroom home with a living room, kitchen, and laundry room that used to belong to a lady in a wheelchair so we have nice wooden porches with ramps and the cabinets and counters are at the perfect height for me (I am 5 foot 3 inches, so most counters/cabinets are just a tad too high to be comfortable)!

It was somewhat of a stressful adventure with all the paperwork, showings, and new jargon as well as having to deal with what one person said via another person...caused a few mix-ups but nothing too serious!  Our house is super cute...and most importantly awesomely ours!

This is the view from the street, it came with the raised garden in the front, and we intend to keep it!  It is sort of a hodgepodge type of garden, but I quite like it.  I never was one for the same flowers to be standing all in a row...looked like too much work.  This also, makes me feel more like it is a more natural occurring grouping, with flowers that bloom all the time :D

We have a nice driveway with a parking spot in front and a wooden carport in the back 
And lots of big windows to let in natural light 
View of our standing garden from our carport
One of the three sheds that came with our property.
Our house from the back of our property.
Raised garden in our backyard with a beautiful purple flowering dogwood
The beautiful walking path that abuts our backyard and runs through the neighborhood.
We have a lot of plans for our new house and yard and I will be updating as we get things done, or that is the plan.  We have already been working on some updates, but I will post those later this week so I have more posts for you to look forward to :)

What About You?  What was your most exciting purchase in your lifetime?  What are some of the ideal things you think you would look for in buying a first home?


  1. It's true; the outside layout is fantastic. I lovelovelove the front porch. I'm a fan of having a front porch with a bench or a porch swing so I can sit out with a lemonade or something. (My grandparents had a front porch that was my favorite part of their house.) I also really like the raised front garden. I wonder if a carport is a better option than a garage; I feel like I'd just clutter up a garage.

    I don't know what I'd look for in a first home. Good natural lighting would be nice.

  2. Congratulations! Such great curb charm going on with the garden!