Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick Update

Hey Everyone!  I know I've been lax about posting since the April A-Z challenge (if you haven't read them, go back and read them!), but things have been somewhat crazy here.

My husband and I just bought a house (there will be a series of posts of pictures and information as well on fixing things up as we go later)!  And I've been very busy at work with some extra projects and helping to organize and teach several other labs some of the techniques I've been working with.

Also, my computer crashed and died (RIP Lily) after 7 years of faithful use, which makes it hard to update (right now I'm stealing five minutes to update from work).  Lily will be replaced this week by her newer version Aerith and posts will continue more frequently after that point! :)

I've been trying to read all of your blogs in my downtime, when I have a computer available for use.  I just haven't been leaving feedback, sorry!  I love reading them though.

Be back to normal in no time, can't wait to see you here!

What About You?  Have you done any home fixing projects? What are your most and least favorite things to fix/spruce up around your house?  How long have you kept a computer alive for?


  1. Poor Lily! Hope your house is coming along well. Lately at my house I have fixed the hinges on my bedroom door and the lock on our front door. I think locks are my least favorite thing to have to fiddle with. I'm always afraid if I do it wrong, I'll end up locked out at some inconvenient time in the future.

    Where does the name "Aerith" come from?

  2. It was sad that she died entirely, I've patched her up quite a few times. The house is coming along, slowly but surely. I put in new door stoppers and it was probably the easiest thing ever, took like ten seconds apiece. I can understand that fear, I don't know that I would do my own locks.

    The name Aerith is from the Japanese version of Aeris in Final Fantasy VII.

  3. Yikes! New house and a crashing CPU! That is way more than any rational person should be expected to handle. Especially the crashing computer. Those are the worst! Especially if you didn't back up religious like me :(

    As for house projects...I'm just watching my yard boys clean up and trim the trees. How awesome is that to say? My yard boys! Ha! To bad they aren't boys...or mine...My landlord hired them. And they are actually not that fun to watch. Maybe it would be way better with a pool boy...

    I'd need a pool for that I imagine.

  4. well mine is going on 7 or so---kinda slow and stops a lot---all of the house stuff is a pain to me---but love to have it looking nice---kinda a hard balance!

  5. My first computer lasted five years and then a semi killed it...and not me. My new one is lovely though!