Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fitness update!

Hey all, it's been forever since I posted anything because life has been crazy.  I am going to try to post a lot more regularly because I miss writing and because I feel like I have more of a handle on my life as far as time management goes.  I am going to start back in with a quick end update of how Insanity went as a reintroduction to the blogging world.

So you all knew I was starting the Insanity program to try to lose weight and get in shape.  And boy did I ever!  I lost 25 lbs and went from looking like this:

To this:

I will call this a super success :)  I feel great and stronger.  Next stop will be to tone up more, but I am pretty happy with maintaining this weight, though if I gain some in muscle mass I would not be upset :)

Here are some related pics I also love:
Rocking my newfound awesome!

My new jeans just a month after buying them!
 Nothing better than meeting a goal and finding out you get to buy cute new clothes because of these problems!
Last summer's shorts! :)

What about you?  Do you have any transformation stories, be they weight loss or otherwise?  What is a big goal you have met/accomplished for yourself lately?


  1. Awesome :) Glad you're happy with your progress!

    Hmmm... lately, I got a new job and moved to Indy, so that's pretty baller. My sister's been strong-arming me into going for walks in the evening. I'm still crazy out of shape and feeling like crap about that, but it feels nice to be doing something about it. And also I have skills in the way of the wardrobe, which is nice to discover ^_^

    J visited last weekend, and we did Normal Things Couples Do! We kept being excited about that. We went to Conner Prairie, we had ice cream in the sunshine, we went out to a bar with friends, we went to a street fair! It's a really nice change.

  2. Going for walks is a great start! It's the little things that get you started, I promise. I just dove in head first because I felt like I wouldn't start if I didn't just do it and kill myself lol. Now I'm much more active just in daily life (the little things). I need to see your wardrobe skills.

    I'm happy that you guys are so much closer now! And I can visit you when I visit family :D So yay! Have you started your new job yet, how is it?!

  3. I hope so about the walks because the sad thing is that little bit is exhausting. :/ I am also thinking about taking up dance lessons again.

    Visit Indy and I'll get all dressed up and we'll go out! I was pretty pleased with rocking the light blues and oranges today. Woo, summer!

    re: job -- don't know yet. I'm waiting for access to sort of critical databases, so I have mostly been kicking my heels thus far.