Friday, November 23, 2012

Insanity Update

Successfully made it through week 5 of the Insanity Program and started on week 6.  I met a few setbacks in scheduling this week, with having been gone all weekend to a dance exchange (whee!) and with the holiday, so I am a bit behind.  My plan is to use the last days of the week plus next week to finish week 6 and start week 7 the following Monday.  I will finish the program, just not in the 60 days it calls for, which is okay by me...because sometimes life happens.   On a better note, I beat Tanya (the instructor in the series refers to her as "the machine" if that gives you any clues to how amazing this is) at two of the fit test exercises.

Pictures from last weigh in/measuring:

And these are from this Monday:

Not as drastic a difference as the first set, but I definitely am seeing two things: sleeker waistline and the beginning of visual definition of my abs!!!

This week's step up from the first month's routine is kind of kicking my butt, but I am more than game.  I have no doubt I will be kicking butt and taking names by the end.  Even Thomas is jealous of my biceps and fitness right now...and although I still cannot do a pull-up, I can knock out several styles of legitimate push ups.

I have continued using to track my calories, still not "dieting" just focusing on portion control.

Current results:  since I started September 22 I have lost 15 lbs (I was at -19 but I think I was dehydrated) and when I took my measurements for the beginning of week 6 I lost 2 more inches around my waist.  That makes for a total of 7.5 inches lost around my waist since starting to watch my calories less than two months ago!  Overall I have lost about 12 inches among all my measurements.

What About You?  What are you doing to combat holiday treats?  What are your least favorite types of exercises?  (I hate jumping exercises)


  1. 15 lbs is an achievement! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Good luck! you are going well anyway. :-)