Sunday, April 1, 2012

B-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all-time favorite TV series.  Not only do I love Joss Whedon, but I love pretty much everything he has ever made.

I own all 7 seasons on DVD, and have watched all of them probably three-four times, some episodes I have seen more (like the musical episode, it is fun to have sing-a-longs!).

Buffy started out as a movie and did not make much noise, and was not very well-received.  Joss Whedon realized that he had not done what he wanted with the movie, due to others involved in the process, and created the television series, in order to tell the story he was not able to tell with the movie.

When Buffy first came to television (in 1997), I was eleven and watched it with my parents and my little sister.  It used to scare me, which is funny because when I watch it now it is not scary at all!  Especially the first few season, graphics and monster effects have come a LONG way since then (so has style, just watch the first  Which is funny because in that very episode Buffy notes that she can pick out vampires because only someone who'd been living underground for ten years would think that shirt was still in style).

I think that this is a great show for all types.  It has wonderful humor, great fight scenes, and a strong cast of characters who you grow to love.  I personally love the strong female leads, gives young girls the realization that they do not have to be reliant on anyone and can take on the world.

Other things you should check out if you already know and love Buffy: Angel, Dollhouse, and Firefly.  They all have Whedon's characteristic humor and style (Whedon has also done a lot of guest directing on television shows, work on films, and made/been involved in the creation of many musical pieces).

What about you?  What is your all-time favorite TV show?  Is it as good now as it was then?


  1. My cousin was always more into Buffy than I was. I preferred Charmed, actually. In the past few years, though, I've started to like Buffy and have watched enough episodes to know the general storylne. I think the TV show I've liked the most in the past has either been Supernatural (I love the paranormal, and those actors were smokin'!) or Wishbone (Remember that show? I think it's obvious why I liked it.) or Yu-Gi-Oh, which my brother and I used to watch every afternoon and we never missed the new episode on Saturday morning.

  2. Man...Buffy was a great series! Though the original film does hold a special place in my heart...Luke Perry! Great post.

  3. I liked Charmed too, as well as the Buffy movie (however, Joss Whedon didn't like it because he got edited a lot by others). Luke Perry IS a stunning man, lol (but so are James Marsters and David Boreanaz...mmmm)

  4. your post reminded me of the old tv series, "dark shadows"---yes i know it was pretty cheesy---but back then it scared us all to death---my 16 year old daughter saw a couple of seasons of it on dvd and loved it--when we heard the movie was being made, we were so excited--then to hear it is a comedy--well what a tragedy---enjoyed your blog :)