Monday, April 16, 2012

N-New Nephew

On April 11th at 12:47am, I became an Auntie again!  The newest addition to our family is Jude, an eight pound and eight ounces, twenty-one inches tall long baby nephew.

When he was born he had some fluid in his lungs and was put in the NICU on oxygen and antibiotics and a feeding tube.
He looks just like the rest of us!
I think this image is the sweetest.
The worst part of him being here besides his poor health was that no one got to hold him at first, and his big sister could not even go in and see him since you have to be over 18 to go into the NICU (but she did have her parents put a picture of her on his NICU crib so that he would recognize her when she could see him).

After my sister-in-law could not sleep, she spent a night praying over Jude and on the 12th they took out his feeding tube and oxygen lines!

A comparison of him to a picture of his big sister as a baby.
And on Friday the 13th (who says it is an unlucky day!) they took out his IV and Jude finally got to meet his big sister and go home!  When she got to hold him she said "This is my world-wide happiest day ever!"

First time getting to meet and hold her little brother.
One big happy family at home!
I cannot believe how much I am already in love with my baby nephew without ever having held him or met him and having only seen him in pictures.  I hope he does not grow up TOO much before the next time I get a chance to visit home and meet him.

What About You?  Do you have any new babies in your life?  What is your favorite part about having babies around?

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  1. one of my best friends is expecting her first in a couple of months--my daughter and i are giving her a shower---beautiful baby--so glad he is okay---love love love that name