Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So for those of you who did not know my favorite animal was African Elephants, I am absolutely positive you thought it was KITTENS (or cats), and you would have gotten my second favorite animal!  I adore fat, waddly kittens running and have wasted LOTS of time on youtube watching videos of kittens running, kittens chasing things, and kittens just being kittens...yeah I know...I am a bit of a cat lady.

I have never bought a kitten, I have found them or they have found me.  My first kitten (that I got to name and dub my own) was Serendipity (Sera) and she showed up on our front porch in Indiana.  I then found six kittens outside my boyfriend of the time's house:
I did not get to keep these cuties, they were given away.
But I did keep these three!
I adopted and bottle-fed these kittens because they were too little to eat real food, and the feral cat colony they belonged to were all sick and would have made a poor life for them (they are my babies).

Dante (the good looking male against the pillow) is very friendly, chill, laid-back, meows pitifully when I visit with his sisters and take them away, and was very tolerant of my young nieces picking him up and carrying him around when  they were little.  He stayed in Indiana with my mom when I moved to PA because she loves him, and he is attached to her.

I brought Ellie (short for Elphaba, the black and gold kitten on the right), and Dessa (the front kitten) to PA with me.  They snuggle me and with each other and have two VERY different personalities.

Dessa acts like a dog:  she is very friendly, craves attention, loves to play (especially with laser pointers), likes to jump in boxes, likes to lay on shoes, likes to be in the way (and knows exactly where that will be), she eats plants, likes to get up on the top of doors (not sure how she does that!), and will approach anyone.

Dessa in the sink...when I want to clean it...cannot even get mad at her!
Thomas spinning Dessa to try to make her dizzy, it worked!  (So laid-back, I mean she did not even scratch him!)
Ellie is very shy and easily startled, she likes to hide in my armoire, she likes me best, she will reach out with her paw and tap you to get you to pet her, she likes to lick eye make-up off your face if you do not wash it off before bed, likes to roll around and pet herself on feet, and she is most active during the night.

Kitten Dessa and Ellie.
Right on top of the clean comfortor and freshly made bed.  D'aww.
I do not know what I would do without my kittens (well cats now...they will always be my kittens!).  They make me laugh and snuggle me and love me and only occasionally make me mad.  Even my husband loves them (although he would never admit it).  I have been wanting a new kitten to add to my mix lately, but I do not think it will happen for a matter how much I want one lol.

And of course...cute kitten links to some of my favorite kitten videos!

Momma Cat Hugs Kitten Having Nightmare

Kittens Running Round (see what I mean about fat waddly kittens-squee!)

Cutest Kitten...I want one with floppy ears!!!!!!

KITTENS!  Inspired by, KITTENS!

What about you?  Do you have a love for kittens that borders on cat lady?  What is your favorite kitten video, picture, or meme (please post here!)?


  1. You forgot about the way Dessa acts like a bird!

    Here's a good pic. My coworker sent me this yesterday.
    Him: Hey! Do you want to see a picture of an inbred cat?
    Me: No.
    Him: It's adorable.

    1. That picture is funny, especially in the context :D Also, she doesn't act like a bird...she just peeps instead of meows!

    2. It's still unusual and startling :)

  2. Love the cat in the sink photo! I've got a few of my cats in sinks too and one odd one where one got into the washing machine!!