Sunday, April 22, 2012

S-Stitching for Sanity

I do not know what other people do when they are watching television, are listening to music, or are about to go insane from all the craziness that life entails, but I cross-stitch.  My hands get antsy when I am sitting still watching a movie or a show and the feeling of making something beautiful really relaxes me when I get stressed out.

This is my current project, which I picked up at Goodwill for about a buck.  It is the front of our very first Christmas stocking!  I am almost finished with it and just need to do the back-stitching and details and then turn it into the stocking :D  It will definitely be ready for next Christmas.

My first completed project was this cross-stitch which is now hanging in my apartment.

I really like flower portrayals in lots of different art forms.
My longest ever project is this one.  It is absolutely gorgeous, but as yet it is still unfinished.  It needs some back-stitching and details, and I need to look up how to actually do the technique called cording because that is mostly why it has not been finished yet :/

This will definitely be framed and hung when finished!
I also have a few smaller projects which I have completed mostly for fun, and some I have given away as gifts.  I still have these two and think I will frame the second one for our new house and put it in our laundry room/kitty room as that is where I think most of the kitty's things are going to go.  I do not have a home for the first one yet, do not really know anyone who is a big Pooh fan, if you know someone who would love it, let me know (It would need a frame).

I have a few others in my stash for when I finish the others.  One is a ballerina and the other is a mother-nature sort of figure changing the seasons...they are both beautiful.

What About You?  What do you do to destress?  Do you have something you do while you watch tv or listen to the radio?

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