Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U- A pair of Untitled Sonnets

Unease entangles my stomach, nausea 
uncoils. Could I house a secret so bold?— 
Fear rimed my heart—if so I knew the cause. 
“Is anyone there?” my voice felt so cold 

and stupid. Then thought I felt a small beat- 
a feather-light sense, just out of my reach 
of reason. Heart pounds, reeling defeat: 
I murmur prayers, hoping maybe I’ll see. 

Despair sets in— greedy talons, razor 
sharp. Sobs clash through the silence. How could this 
be true. Eight weeks ago…the truth blazes— 
Numbness. Tingle: my mind is amiss with 

violence. Can you hear that echo, Cadence, 
ripple-effect vibrating soul?...Silence. 

It curls itself around my heart, darkness 
cocoons. A secret soul, waiting to bloom 
‘neath a garden sprite’s angelic address, 
extolling my loveliness, I assume. 

Joyous psyche, my blood thrums its adoration- 
a symphony, echoing a deeper, 
parallel humming. An intonation: 
a star’s voice—whispers…lulling into sleep. 

Neurotransmitter overload. Yank the 
serenity. Discordant, atonal, 
musical grief—a ghastly aria. 
It withdraws, and I clutch hard, unable 

to bear the thought—how close our life could be. 
Would you? Could you? Please share your life with me. 

As a sort of framework for reading these--I wrote these during college during prolife month.

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