Thursday, April 19, 2012


Okay, so we all have quirks:  I am not sure whether my husband and I are just quirkier than other people, or that we live with each other and thus are subject to exposure of more quirks.  Either way, my life is interesting awesome!  Also, if other people are as weird as we are, life is entirely different than I imagined.

So here are a few examples of my quirks:  I color code my closet, I shower and get dressed the same way every time, I meow at my husband, I pretend to be small animals, I sing and dance around the house (and my lab...) when I am alone...and sometimes when I am not, I like all varieties of music from rockabilly to pop, I paint my nails weird colors, I am mildly obsessed with getting a kitten, I like to play the "what if" game, and apparently my husband thinks it is weird that I do not put milk on my cereal (unless it is Honey Nut Cheerios)...this is a small list of the oddities that really are not that odd...just in case you are all actually not as weird as me...I do not want to weird you out :D

Thomas is a quirker too (here are a few examples):  he makes up lyrics to songs that feature me (super cute) and sings them around the house, he acts like a puppy, he cannot remember to close a cabinet...pretty much ever, he likes to climb on lots of things, he pulls ridiculous faces (a lot), he prefers to drink warm water, he talks to the cats (so do I...but they are my cats), he tried to vacuum the cats, he tried to get my cat dizzy by holding her and spinning in a chair, he tried to play catch with my cat, he likes to ask hypothetical logic puzzles about people dying/disastrous situations, and he likes to help but often gets side-tracked...

This is what I get when I ask for help taking the sheets off the bed.

When I ask for help making the bed, I get a cat made into it...

...or a Thomas made into it!
And when I ask for help putting the laundry away I get this (I think he was hiding in it).

Something weird we both do is come up with super-weird endearments for each other, this stemmed from a period of us trying to figure out cute nicknames for each other and failing a lot, now it is funny (we finally settled on him calling me glowbug/kitten and I call him puppy).  One of our most used is rutabaga-face and if you have ever seen a rutabaga...they are not very pretty.

We also make absurd threats to each other if we are pretending to be annoyed...Thomas' usually involve him threatening to take my ovaries out in some bizarre way (let us say with a spork) and then cooking them somehow (let us say sauteeing)...these are common occurrences and they crack us both up.

What About You?  What are some of your strange quirks?  Do you think you are weirder than the average person or do you think they are just better at hiding it?


  1. after reading your post, i am not sure how weird we really are--haha no i loved your quirks, i even had many of yours, almost all of them--except the pretending to be small animals, unless my wolf calls count--and i would never eat cereal without milk--fascinating stuff

  2. haha! love the pictures. they clearly illustrate that you need to hire someone to help you specifically with making the bed:)

    Happy A-Zing!