Monday, April 30, 2012


The color yellow is something that I like to look at, I think it is bright and sunny.  However, I have one of those skin tones that I just cannot wear yellow, it makes me look sick and sallow and jaundiced...therefore I do not buy anything yellow.

However, oddly enough, when my husband and I started talking about paint colors for our soon to be new house...the color for the kitchen that popped out of my mouth was pale yellow.  I am not sure why this is, I think maybe because of the little red checked curtains and the fact that it makes me think of sunny days.  I am not rethinking the color either, I want yellow.  I just am not positive why.

This is the color we are looking at for our kitchen ( )

What About You?  Why do you think I want a yellow kitchen?  Do you like/look good in the color yellow?

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  1. Do you know how to paint? I never learned... my mom wouldn't let anyone else paint! My bedroom in my parents' home is a gorgeous vibrant yellow. I like it much more than the pale barely-there green of my current room. (I asked the leasing agent about painting, and she never responded to my email.)

    I love yellow, but for clothing I tend to go toward more of a marigold color. It doesn't make me look jaundiced like bright or pale yellows.

    I think yellow is a nice color for a kitchen. It's a nice warm color.