Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have never really tried origami, but I think I would be atrocious at it.  My skills do not lie in folding straight lines (or drawing them for that matter!) or in following the sorts of directions they give you for folding.  The few attempts I have made at origami ended up in frustration and objects that no one could tell what they were.

My husband, however, likes origami and was given an old origami day calendar and spent most of an evening folding out cute little animals and bringing them to the bedroom to show me.

His work station: AKA the middle of our living room floor.
A little jumping frog.

That actually jumps when you push on its butt and let go! :D

A butterfly in my favorite color.

That can flap its wings.

The absolute cutest little turtle.

Supposedly a bunny rabbit, I think it looks like a Pikachu.

What About You?  Do you do origami?  What crafts do you do to keep your hands busy and sort of calm down after a long day?


  1. I like origami :) I find it relaxing to concentrate on nothing but folding paper. Last year I made origami ornaments for my little fake tree. I also sometimes use origami bugs as gift tags because I have origami paper and rarely have gift tags. Some of the more complicated ones are beyond my ability though. I love the cranes, and I want to someday make a thousand of them and turn it into an art piece like my third grade teacher had. There's an origami helicopter that is fun -- it's like helicopter seeds -- you toss it off something and it spins to the ground!

  2. my grandson is great at origami--me--can't even fold paper evenly--i used to do latch-hook for relaxation--now i do search a word puzzles or my fishworld game on facebook

  3. I can recall making some very simple origami constructions when I was in 5th grade. I was fascinated by it, but never learned to do it in an advanced way.
    I don't do any crafts--just blogging.

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  4. Despite my love for paper crafts (I scrapbook and have so much paper it is insane) I never learned anything about origami. My daughter became fascinated with it a few years ago and I love watching her create! Nice photos!