Friday, April 6, 2012

F-French Toast

The first breakfast I made for my husband when we got married was French Toast.  He said that it was better than his mother's and since then, I have become known as the french toast queen...well okay, not really, but it gets a lot of compliments when I make it!

I am going to share my recipe and secrets for great french toast with you!

Take a loaf of bread:  I made whole wheat bread from scratch, but store-bought works too, though I suggest buy whole loaves, not pre-sliced bread! 

Cut the bread into slices about an inch thick and leave out to get stale overnight (yes, this is absolutely crucial, french toast from non-stale bread tastes way worse)

My recipe for my liquid dipping mix

The ingredients for the mix

Mix it with a fork so that it has a yellow hue throughout and the cinnamon is spread out

Dip your stale bread in the mix, let it soak it up, then flip it over to soak in the other side until the bread is soft  from absorbing the mix
Put in skillet on medium heat and cook until browned, then flip and do the same.
Plate the toast and serve with syrup and powdered sugar!  Makes a delicious, and pretty quick, breakfast!

What about you?  What are your favorite breakfast foods?  What is something you have been told you are good at making?


  1. don't tell anyone but i love frozen waffles and believe it or not there are some wonderful brands of frozen french toast out there---much better comparatively than the waffles---yours looks amazing!

  2. I <3 French toast. I have found a really good way to make sure the cinnamon is totally distributed. Take a small dish (small like 2 tbsp size small, I use old Red Lobster dipping sauce cups) and put your cinnamon in. Add a tiny bit of water to the cinnamon and mix until you get a thick slurry consistency. Then add that to your whipped eggs. =D